Arrest of Kanu, Fulfillment of Biafra Declaration Prophesy (Read How)

Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Supreme Leader

Contrary to the belief held by many that the repatriation and re-arraignment of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu by the federal government of Nigeria would dampen the struggle for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, many supporters and sympathizers of the IPOB leader have opined that it is rather a blessing in disguise.

According to some of the respondents who spoke to, they were confident that what they described as an attempt by the federal government to cow Kanu and his followers will be the platform for the emancipation of the people of the old eastern region.

The respondents who accused the British government for trading Kanu for their selfish interest said that the IPOB family will not be downcast in any way, instead, it will spur them the more.

While the Nnamdi Kanu family members have called on the federal government to watch their actions, Nigerians have equally expressed divergent views on the recent action of the federal government of Nigeria.

Just as others feared possible outbreak of violence in the southeast by the followers of the IPOB leader, others were of the view that Kanu’s re-arrest will whittle down the agitation for secession.

“I just heard about his arrest today, somebody just called to draw my attention to it. Let us watch and see how things will pan out.

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“I know his arrest will be for the good of IPOB and the agitation for Biafra; because the person they claimed to have arrested is not any other snake you can kill with any how knife. He knows himself and what he is doing.
“Whoever that is arresting him should also be careful because you don’t know what’s his own arrangement, so, let them not jubilate.

“I for one is not feeling any bad, I have no iota of fear in me about the development.

“His arrest will not in anyway jeopardize the agitation because when Jesus Christ came to the world and finished his work and left the world, the gospel of God which he brought, continued to spread to all parts of the world,” said Younger Kanu; Emmanuel Kanu.

“Kanu knows that his arrest will not take away anything for us. We have been prepared for what to come.

“We have said over time that IPOB is bigger than Kanu. The arrest and re-arraignment of Kanu has strengthened our resolve towards the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra which is just around the corner.

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“Kanu, being a prophet that he is in one of his broadcasts, told the world that he is going to come back to Nigeria to announce the freedom of Biafra. He stated in the broadcast that he will not be outside Nigeria to declare freedom for Biafrans.

“We didn’t know that the federal government under President Muhammadu Buhari would help to fast track the process. However it is going to come, that will no longer be needful. Now that our leader is back to Nigeria through the efforts of the Nigerian government, what we are waiting for is the pronouncement and we will shock our doubters.

“Remember the case of Moses, who ran away from Egypt and was later sent back to Egypt to liberate the people of Israel? Kanu has been sent back to liberate us as we want to assure him that we are fully behind him and will carry out his instructions to the latter come rain, come shine,” said IPOB member.

Mr. Emperor Ogbonna while speaking with posited “the fact is that it is very difficult most times to evade the long arms of the law.

“He was granted bail on some conditions and he broke the conditions of the bail. And he did not only broke the conditions of the bail, he continued doing those things that made him to be arrested and charged to court in the first place.

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“Maybe if he had mellowed down, his situation might have been different but continuation of the same act for which he was standing trial, amounts to an affront to the Nigerian state.

“I know he is a British citizen and subject to British protection but I do not know the condition of which he was arrested and removed from Britain.

“Well, now that he is here, his trial will continue and with what happened to his lawyer Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, he will need a good lawyer to defend him.

“We are in for a long ride this time. I also think that the government should try to address some of the grievances of some people in the South East and know whether both the government and the some people in the South East who think that the South East is being marginalized can arrive at a middle course so that there can be harmony between the federal government and some aggrieved persons in the South East.

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