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InfoNet9ja.com is a fast growing online news platform poised to give our esteemed clients the opportunity to read the best informative news that makes round across the 36 states of the federation.

As a member of the community who feels what other members of the community feel, we shall use our platform to hold government at all levels accountable and also give citizens of our dear country the opportunity to air their views on government policies and decisions as it affects them. This is even as we hold the right to use our platform to remind citizens of our dear country of their roles and duties in ensuring that government at the federal, state and local government areas succeed.

While it is important to say that we will give every Civil Rights group(s), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), political party and candidate the needed coverage, we shall not allow any politician or political party detect our story slant for we are aware that some politicians out of their selfish gains would want to suppress story(ies) that is not in their favour.
We shall tell our numerous readers the truth even when it hurts for we understand the importance of concise, fair, objective, balanced and unbiased report(s).
We shall publish political, religious, social, education, sports, romance, Arts, security and economic stories which will ultimately educate, inform and entertain readers across the globe.
Always count on us for the most objective and informed report that will keep you abreast of the trends in the society.
For stories that do not emanate from us, we shall not fail to give credit to the source of our information
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