DCP Abba Kyari and the fall of a ‘Super Cop’.

DCP Abba Kyari and the fall of a 'Super Cop'.
Gwiyi Solomon

Whatever anybody thinks of the current corruption charges against DCP Abba Kyari who is currently wanted and expected in the United States of America, to answer for his alleged involvement in a recent case involving alleged internet fraudster Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, alias Hushpuppi, who has successfully and clearly roped the ‘Super cop’ in a case that will eventually turn Abba Kyari’s Uniform to the real black color Nigerian system painted police uniform, is the person’s opinion.
However, whatever be the case in the United States court where Kyari is already wanted for explanations (whether the Nigerian system muscles the matter home or otherwise), DCP Abba Kyari can never remain the same in the sight of most Nigerians, especially in this age of heavy information flow in the new media.
He is already muddled on social media platforms and across the streets of Nigeria as ‘corrupt’. His indictment and eventual arrest-warrant in the United States of America is already being celebrated by most Nigerians who feel unjustly treated in the past by Kyari.
On Facebook alone, Abba Kyari has already been arrested, tried and jailed. To them, Kyari is guilty as charged. Nothing more, nothing less.
But that is what Nigerian authorities do on daily basis when they parade innocent Nigerians on national televisions and newspaper pages (Media crucifixion) without trials. The police is culpable in this regard.
So the ‘Super cop’ Abba Kyari does not need the long essay he recently sent us on Facebook to clear his name from the dragging and damaging hook of corrupt charges hanging on his neck like an albatross. He is already charged on Facebook by Nigerians.
And can no longer be heard, no matter how loud his voice resonates. All he needs at present, with all due respect to his professional calling, is a trip to the United States of America and nothing else.
In the United States, the laws are made for everyone, there is no bending of the system, no matter how highly placed in the society you are. This is where Abba Kyari is already caught in a web of long and wide circle.
There is no Nigerian factor in the US. What they have is strong institution. Sound systems. No federal contact.
In my opinion article of five years ago, published in the “The Nation” Newspapers, with the caption, “What is wrong with Judging the judges?”
I had challenged Nigerians to answer to why the country was boiling, following the invasion of homes of some law court judges in Rivers State, where those judges were arrested and eventually released on bail by the Department of State Security services (DSS).
In that midnight raid, where Governor Nyesom Wike was seen in the middle of the night, at the scene of the arrest, shouting atop his voice; while alleging that Rivers was under DSS siege, I remember writing and querying why so many Nigerians attempted to shield the affected judges from answering to charges against the exalted offices they occupied.
Some of my excerpts then are republished below.
“SIR: In a discerning society – ‘human beings are born equal’ and are treated as such irrespective of their social stratification. In such enclave, sanity is a way of life, while decency is the mother and guardian of such entity.
In such defined boundaries, laws are made for every Tom, Dick and Harry; your status notwithstanding. Their laws are observed in strict compliance in defense of their value systems and institutions and not in breach like in ours.
Their leaders in return replicate such feat by diligently submitting themselves to the course of law and order; leading to resignations and impeachments of major leaders across the world.
“But in Nigeria and Africa in general, even though we have seen a couple of politicians paraded and sanctioned for their indulgence in criminal activities, the arrest, arraignment, trials and prosecution of the heavy weight here still generate opprobrium and commotions as many still believe some personalities are simply above the law.
“In their reasoning, such highly placed Nigerians ought to be treated preferentially differently from the rest of us with dignity, unfettered respect and love even when suspected to have committed crimes against the society.
“That is the feeling with the current invasion of some homes of some judges in the country, their arrest and eventual release on bail by the Department of State Security services (DSS). But what is wrong in judging the judges?”
These were my views and are still my opinion in the year, 2021.
Let the law of America take its full cause. The Nigerian authorities, having received notification for Abba Kyari’s free US trip, should allow him do the needful.
It is lawful and it is moral.
Great weekend ahead and luck to Abba Kyari, the ‘fallen’ Super Cop.
From Gwiyi Solomon.
Enugu, Enugu State.

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