By Great Imo Jonathan

I read the laughable pen gymnastics of my dear friend, Chief John Okiyi Kalu, the Honourable Commissioner for Information in Abia State, who in an attempt to blackmail opposition candidates and discredit them for seeking justice for the good people of our dear state, went as far as suggesting that the reason Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu led administration had failed to achieve anything in the last 4 years was because his criminal act of forging tax records and the rigging of 2015 election was challenged in court. Chief John Okiyi, again in an attempt to gain sympathy for his principal and further blackmail opposition parties who are challenging the electoral robbery that took place in Abia State on the 9th of March, 2019, alluded, albeit ignorantly, that seeking to expose how the Abia electorates were robbed is tantamount to denying the state an opportunity to move forward.

Chief John Okiyi condemned the governorship candidates of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Dr. Alex Otti, and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, over their decision to challenge the wicked manipulation of results of the just concluded 2019 gubernatorial election in the state.

He claimed that the resolve of the duo to challenge Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s criminal connivance with INEC in the election tribunal, was “an evil machination to slow down the development of the state”

Chief John Okiyi went further to describe the demand by the opposition party candidates for due diligence on the electoral outcome as “acrimonious post-election litigation”, questioning the motive and patriotism of those who want the rigging that took place in Abia State to be exposed.

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But unfortunately, in his attempt at this blackmail to dissuade the opposition parties and to curry the sympathy of Abians, Chief John Okiyi, who is the spokesperson for Abia State government NEVER DENIED THAT IKPEAZU AND ABIA PDP RIGGED THE ELECTION OF MARCH 9TH, 2019. All he tried to achieve was to make Abians believe that election rigging is normal and that it happened in Anambra State and other places and should be accepted as a norm.


Chief John Okiyi told the world that the reason Okezie Ikpeazu and his PDP gang looted Abia State to stupor in the last 4 years and achieved nothing in the state is because the opposition parties were in court against him. While attempting this cheap blackmail, Chief John Okiyi did not tell the world that Ikpeazu was receiving federal allocations and generating huge IGR throughout the period of the case in court. Neither did he tell them that those who had cases against him in court took over government bank accounts and were in charge of state resources. He did not also say that they had ambushed contractors who were paid to do projects in the state. And he did not say that they stopped the governor from paying salaries of civil servants.

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I am surprised at this hollow allusion by Chief John Okiyi, because if there was anything that should have made Ikpeazu to perform wonders, the court case he is using as an excuse should have been it. At least the pressure (if any) should have made him perform better in order to proof something to the people.

For example, when Dr Ngige was under pressure from political opponents, he did wonders in Anambra state and he won the hearts of the masses. Even Peter Obi who took over from him, was in court for another 4 years but did wonders in Anambra State.

But nay, ikpeazu is using political opponents as excuse for his inability to perform.

And now, Chief John Okiyi is using it also as a tool for blackmail and a tool for defence in a case of brazen election rigging that took place in Abia State.

And one wonders: when having an opposition has become a reason for non-performance and a defence for rigging an election.

But I am happy that Abians can see through Chief John Okiyi’s blackmail and attempt to bully the opposition for going to the tribunal. Comments coming from Abia people after reading his hollow piece shows explicit displeasure from the people for the shenanigan he termed ACRIMONIOUS LITIGATION. A comment from one of Ikpeazu’s brothers and candidate of the AAC in Abia State, Mr. Ubani (popularly called Ubanitv) says it all. Ubani in his response said “It is a pity they loot Abia state mindlessly and and then turn around to find who to blame”

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As if it that was not enough, one Goodluck Okezie in his response wrote: “Does litigation stop federal government allocation from coming to Abia State every month? No governor went to court more than Peter Obi of Anambra state but yet he performed as a governor. Nyesom Nwike was in court with Dakuku Peterside yet he is performing marvelously. Abia recieves huge amount of allocation more than Ebonyi but Dave Umahi who was also in court has performed wonders in Ebonyi, whilst Ikpeazu and the PDP in Abia State are looking for who to blame for stealing the people’s mandate and for their lack of performance despite huge allocations”

With these two examples, there is no need to further explain to Chief John Okiyi that Abians are very much aware that his attempted blackmail is an effort in futility. ABIANS ARE EXPECTING OKEZIE IKPEAZU AND ABIA PDP TO GO TO THE ELECTION TRIBUNAL AND EXPLAIN TO THE WORLD HOW HE GOT 19000 IN ISIALA NGWA NORTH, 19000 IN OHAFIA, 19000 IN ISIALA NGWA SOUTH AND ANOTHER 19000 FROM UGWUNAGBO, WITH THE UNEXPLAINED 78000 COMING FROM OBINGWA, NOW CALLED OBI-RIGGING.

This is not too much to ask and nobody should use that as an excuse for LOOTING ABIA STATE FOR 4 YEARS AND NON-PERFORMANCE.

Chief John Okiyi please take note.

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