Weird: Sisters who lived indoors for 18 years narrate living with parents dead bodies for one month



If I told you that its possible for someone to be self isolated for the 18 years they lived on earth without seeing the outside world will you believe?
The story I’m about to tell is shocking, I just hope your jaws don’t drop as you read it.

18 years ago Miss Redemption pepple was born to the family of mr and mrs Pepple. Her sister Loveth was born 8 years ago.
Redemption told a story that many people still find shocking.

My name is Redemption pepple, I had never been to school or spoken to grown ups that are not my parents until few months ago when Apostle Chibuzor adopted me. My dad built a shack in a rural area, he selected a secluded part of Umuebule 4 town, Rivers state and built the small shack I had always called home. Beside the house was our church, my daddy was the pastor and I, my mum and sister where the only people that attended the church.
For 18 years I, my sister and my mum stayed inside the one room we lived in without seeing the outside world. For 18 years I didn’t know what a car looked like, what a television looked like, what a phone looked like, what ice cream tasted like, what a real light bulb looked like and what tarred road looked like. I speak good English because I was home schooled by my mum, she was a chartered accountant and it was her idea that we lived like this. Everyday, my dad went out to preach and do odd jobs, with the paltry sum he got he was able to take care of us in the little way he could afford. Daddy was the one who went to market, fetched water and did everything that involved stepping out of our one room.
I remember few times during the rainy season, flood came into our home. The water was so big that is got to my waist. Immediately, my dad built a structure with wood high above the ground, on that structure we slept, ate, cooked and did everything, we pooped and urinated inside the water.
One morning my parents called I and my sister and told us that they wanted to fast, they told us that my dad wouldn’t be going out and they would not be eating for the one month they would be fasting. Daddy had been saving for that period, the period of their fast. Before the fast he bought loads of foodstuffs so that I and sister wouldn’t be hungry during their fast.
Our parents neither ate nor drank everyday, three weeks into the fast I noticed that my dad stopped moving and my mum was very weak. I felt fear, I told my mum that daddy didn’t look ok. He was stiff and slept in a funny way. My mum reproached me immediately, she told me that my dad was meditating, that he was having an encounter with Jesus. Few days later mum stopped moving too, she lay in the same funny way that dad had been lying. My sister was scared but I told her that our parents were having an encounter with Jesus. I was naive, what did I know? For one month my parents slept, few weeks after they slept they had started to bloat, decay and smell. I had never seen a dying person, I didn’t know what death meant so I stayed calm.
For one month I and my sister stayed with our dead parents, the stench was unbearable but we endured for fear of the outside world. My mum always sounded it to us that the world was evil, my thought was that a certain type of wild animal moved around. Our food finished and our parents weren’t waking up, we were so hungry, for two days we hadn’t eaten. I and my sister held our hands and stepped out of the door, we were so scared but we kept walking. For the first time, I saw people that were not out parents, they stared at us as we walked out from the Bush path, we must have looked like ghosts in their eyes.
I met a man and told him that I and my sister were hungry, I begged for food. He asked me where I lived and my weak fingers pointed to the direction of my home. He told us that only one man lived there and he was a loner, i told him that he was our dad, he lived with his children and his wife and he had been sleeping for many days without waking up. Suddenly a crowd started to gather, I was scared, I had never seen so much people, my sister was shaking too. The crowd followed us home and screamed when they saw the body of our decayed parents, they called the police and the police was shocked at the stories the villagers told, thesame story I am telling you right now. I and my sister where told that our parents where dead, the villagers and the police officers dug 2 shallow graves in front of our house and buried my parents. I was confused, I wondered why they were covering my parents with sand but what could I do? I could only cry.

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Our case was unique, it was rare. We were taken to the home of Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, the general Overseer of omega power Ministries who asked them to bring us. In Apostle Chibuzor’s home I met many other children like me, at first the other kids thought we were weird. We couldn’t relate properly but as time went by we started to associate.
It’s been months since I was out of prison, for the first time I went to school, ate icecream, saw kids like me, entered into a car, surfed the internet and saw a smart phone.
Let me tell you a secret, when my big daddy got me a phone I tried the finger print lock and it didn’t work. My hands were so soft, I barely had finger prints because for 18 years i had barely used my hands. It was not until till few months later that I was able to use my finger print lock. The other kids said that my skin shun like the sun and was so smooth, well I know they said the truth for a while ago, my skin had never felt the sun ray for the 18years I lived on earth.
This few months in Apostle Chibuzor’s house has been the best days of i and my sisters lives, I had always known that something was missing, now I feel complete. I and my sister go to school everyday, I am in ss1 and my sister in primary 3, school is a piece of cake because our chartered accountant mum taught us every subject including English.

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My new daddy says I will be going abroad to further my education, infact he promised a trip to europe. In few months I went from a girl who never saw the world to a girl who loved nature. I can’t stop staring at trees, the sun and my environment whenever I’m opportuned to be outside.
I miss my parents but I don’t miss the prison I used to call home. I love my new home, my new friends and my new daddy Apostle Chibuzor. I feel like a hero because my daddy is building a school in the area where i used to live so that poor people like my parents can send their children to the school at no charge at all. Because of the school my family would never be forgotten in Umuebule 4.
My name is Redemption Pepple, I am redeemed and this is my story.
Laura Ezinne Idika.

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