Following recent activities of officers of the Nigerian army in the Southeast, Abia in particular, members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has expressed rage over the killing of a commercial motorcycle operator by a happy-trigger soldier in Aba over his alleged refusal to pay N100 daily illegal toll at Ohanze, in Obingwa LGA of Abia State.

This is even as they called for the immediate dismantling of multiple military checkpoints across South East saying the zone is being treated as a conquered territory.

IPOB in a Press Release signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful,  claimed that Ndigbo were being punished by the Northern -dominated army for opposing the controversial Ruga settlement.

IPOB in a press release by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, demanded immediate prosecution of the killer soldier, and the stoppage of such “devilish act”.

“The unprovoked attack and unnecessary killing of Biafrans by Fulani dominated Nigerian Army throughout Biafranland has taken another gruesome dimension since the emphatic rejection of Fulani Ruga settlements and National Life Stock Programs (NLSP) by Biafrans.”

“Nigerian soldiers in their usual nonchalant way have killed another person, this time one Mr Chimaobi Nwogu a commercial motorcycle operator over his refusal to give a bribe of N100 to them at a checkpoint in Obingwa, Abia State.”

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“This is another senseless checkpoint murder by a security operative in Biafraland”, IPOB lamented.

According to IPOB, the most annoying thing about the dastardly act was that the killer-soldier followed the victim to his house and shot him in front of his wife and other family members as if he killed a wild animal.

“That a Nigerian Army chased a young man into his village and shot him dead in his compound in front of his wife and family is wickedness taken too far.”

“We wish to reiterate that this unnecessary killing is one too many and must have attending consequences. It must be reciprocated at the appropriate time.

“We are under attack on all fronts by killer Fulani herdsmen and trigger happy murderous soldiers in Nigerian Army uniform. One thing is certain and the Nigerian Army knows this too, the death of Chimaobi will not go unanswered.
Every death will be avenged.

“It is very pathetic that Nigerian Army would abandon their constitutional role of defending the borders of Nigeria from external aggression to descend into lowly criminality of extorting One Hundred Naira from motorists on countless checkpoints across Biafraland.”

Continuing, IPOB said “On a daily basis, hungry looking fully armed Nigeria soldiers can be seen chasing and tormenting innocent motorcyclists and bus drivers including private road users who are going about their normal business, just for the sake of N100.

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“The saddest part is that these illegal extortion rackets at check-points across Biafraland is non-existent in the north where these soldiers come from. Over the years check-points have become the perfect tool of intimidation and symbol of occupation of Biafraland and must be brought to an end.

“Terrorist ravaged core Arewa northern Nigerian has no check-points and Fulani people are not being murdered on a weekly basis by Nigerian soldiers for refusing to pay an illegal extortion fee, but in Biafraland people are being murdered frequently for refusing give money to Nigerian soldiers.

“The fact is that blame lies with South East governors who for the glutonous opportunity of being rigged back into office have mortgaged the destiny of our people to their Fulani overlords.

“Those who are in the habit of lying their way through international diplomatic circles must look for a way to spin the senseless murder of this innocent young man at the hands of Jihadi soldiers bent on extorting money from innocent commuters across Biafraland. Nigerian Army will not get away with this murder, it is one too many.

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“As we continue to remind the world of the pain and suffering of innocent Biafrans at the hands of the dictatorship that is running Nigeria, let these episodes of senseless brutality against our people be recorded for reference and historic purposes for those that may seek to ignorantly defend Nigeria in the future.

“Let it also be on record that IPOB will inevitably reciprocate accordingly against anybody or institution involved in the killing, harrassment or detention of any Biafran.

” We call on all observers of the misery that Nigeria has become to duly note and be aware of the brutality of the Nigerian state against Biafrans and never blame IPOB for any consequences this cold blooded murder of a young man going about his business will cause across Nigeria.

” IPOB will without doubt respond to this ugly event in kind.

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“We continue to call upon the American Ambassador to Nigeria, the British High Commissioner and other nations with diplomatic presence in Abuja and Lagos to convey the bitterness we feel at this loss to their home countries regarding the state of wanton brutality, mayhem, banditry and general lawlessness at the hands of this Fulani APC government, Fulani terror herdsmen and murderous soldiers in Nigerian Army uniform.”


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