PDP Shifts NEC Meeting As Controversy Rages In States
PDP Shifts NEC Meeting As Controversy Rages In States

The glamour and success of the 2021 PDP National Convention, really underscored any envisaged internal intricacy/wrangling that could have affected the convention eventual peaceful outcome.

However, the question still remained: Can human beings continually and continously continue to pursue building something on nothing, without any eventual fall? But, that has always been our bane, and human machiavellian method/attitude to achieving temporary socio-economic and political goals, termed SUCCESS, in all human endeavours – THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!

Without any prejudice to the appeal or supreme court case, the PDP pre-convention tussle, supposedly between a political godfather and a godson, really begs for truthful answers to three fundamental questions as follows-

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Could one build something on nothing, by merely using political ward and local government Chairmen to remove a party national chairman whose jurisdiction/responsibility transcended a mere political ward/local government area, but covered thousands of wards, 774 local government areas, 36 states, with FCT, and whose tenure was still subsisting?

Secondly, what does the PDP Constitution stipulate about party national chairman’s removal? – that will be determined by the appeal or supreme court! But, I read somewhere that the party National Executive Committee, (NEC), is responsible!!

Thirdly, how just and fair for a sitting Governor to have confessed, (BBC pidgin news), to have unilaterally instigated and procured the court order, by an ex parte motion, from his own State High Court, that eventually removed the sitting party national chairman, in a jiffy, without exploring party internal dispute resolutions? What a bad precedence!

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The greatest sin, with devastating future consequences, often commit against God, is mostly the one against fellow being, as a replica of God, made in His own image – God is loving, just and fair.

Some of the PDP stakeholders that kept quite/mute in the face of injustice, and abuse of party internal mechanisms/rules, will soon realize that an injury/injustice to One will invariably be to ALL, when the architect of the misdemeanor eventually move against some of them, frontally, in a grandstyle, and dogs will start eating dogs- except all the political abracadabra/manipulations are not for personal selfish interests- but still, One cannot build something on nothing, without the aggrieved being appeased, percified, and genuine restitution make, to avert the consequences of law of karma – what goes around comes around, and what One sows shall One reap- that is the basic truth/principle of universal law of nature we often ignorantly or selfishly ignore/damn the consequences which may not be immediate, but quite very eventual in the end!

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Wọle Oladipọ- former Director of Information/Education, Ogun State.
39, Mosorire Street,
Sọka, Ibadan.
Ọ̀yọ́ State.

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