Father narrates How He Nearly Lost His Son After Eating Ice Cream

Father narrates How He Nearly Lost His Son After Eating Ice Cream
Father narrates How He Nearly Lost His Son After Eating Ice Cream

A father, Mr. Ubani Dannie has lamented how he nearly lost his child after he ate a cup of ice cream the wife bought from a popular Supermarket in Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State.

Dannie narrating the incident on his facebook handle wrote “Ordinarily, the hospital, mortuary and police station/prisons are the three last places I would wish to visit. But a cup of ice cream took me to the hospital this night.

“Nwamuo, my darling son, was vomiting so heavily and intensely that Ugomuo had to make a distress call insisting that I return home immediately.

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“On enquiries I was told that Nwamuo took ice cream which was bought from one of the oldest, biggest supermarkets in town.

“Guess what? The ice cream is expired!!! A big supermarket, well stocked and very popular brand in Aba where everyone who wants the best shops, is consciously selling expired consumables to the Aba public.

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“I used the word “consciously” because my wife equally told me that the supermarket is presently selling a particular brand of butter at half the normal price.

“On a critical scrutiny she discovered that the butter on sale expired since January. She called the attention of the management of the sales outfit to this. Guess what they told her?

“Yes. We know. That’s why we are selling it at #300 which is half of the normal price in order to exhaust our stock”.


“Jesus!!! You are selling death to the Aba public at half the normal price!!! And Aba is gleefully buying it because it is cheap!!!

“We sure have mortgaged our humanity to the god of money, and we are now living on a borrowed time for it.

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“And my experience at the hospital? That is another story for another post!”


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