Angela Nwosu: My Husband Bought Ovulation Tracker For Me

Angela Nwosu: My Husband Bought Ovulation Tracker For Me
Angela Nwosu with her Husband, Austin Nnaemeka Soundmind

Angela Nwosu, in keeping to her words in continuation of her 2020 miscarriage story said that her husband, bought ovulation tracker for her to track her ovulation period.

According to the internet sensation popularly called Angienation by her fans, she saw her ovulation on the 5th day as she was alighting from their plane which had landed in Nigeria.

Enjoy the Part II of “My 2020 miscarriage story”

The next day, Soundmind bought the ovulation tracker like he said. I didn’t even know such a thing exists and I didn’t bother to ask how he got to know about it. There are so many things he knows, it doesn’t shock me anymore.

I have gotten used to him being the omini knowest in my life. There were 12 trackers inside the pack, with a manual, I sat down to read the manual to understand how to use it, but Soundmind stopped me…

Soundmind; I know how to use it, don’t bother reading that thing, it’s easy. Your period started yesterday, I am counting. I will tell you when to start tracking. The goal is not really to get your exact ovulation day, it is to get the two days leading to your ovulation.

Once that window opens, it’s better for me to already be waiting before your egg will drop, the day your egg drops is your ovulation date and it only last for hours. That’s why it’s advisable to make love 5 to 6 times every week, after your period, to increase your chances of getting pregnant”

Me; I heard 3 times a week, at least. I think you invented this 5 to 6 times a week. You should make it 7 times na, so that it will be an every day thing”

Soundmind; mami, do you want to get pregnant or not?”

Me; I want to get pregnant”

Soundmind; then follow my lead and take this serious. I am the only one that can get you pregnant. Your body is different. It takes a man that understands it to be able to work it.

Most ladies have very easy bodies, they don’t need to track ovulation or even think about pregnancy, before it happens. Yours needs more attention and technicality, before pregnancy can happen. If it was another man that married you, both of you will stay for years without pregnancy, so trust me on this. 5 to 6 times every week after your period, then we do morning and night the day the tracker starts to read positive”

Me; Chaii, this won’t be easy o. Such pounding can be exhausting when it’s done back to back like that. No worries sha, I am ready”

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Soundmind; nah, it won’t be exhausting at all. Don’t see it as trying to get pregnant, see it as just having fun and bonding with your husband, we don’t do boring, there’s always spice, enjoy it, that way, it won’t be exhausting to you. Don’t worry, I got you”

Me; is this ovulation tracker sold in Nigeria? So that I will be recommending it to people?”…
I had to ask, because we were out of the country at that time, wanted to know if people can get it in Nigeria and he said yes.

He knew about it in Nigeria and knows it can be bought in different countries, it’s very common.
My period ended and I started tracking first week of March of 2020.

He told me the day to start tracking and showed me how to use the first stick, first morning urine. I did the first morning, negative. I didn’t panic.

I did the second morning, negative, I didn’t panic. I did the 3rd morning, negative, panic started. My hands were shaking. I sat down in the toilet for almost an hour, until my husband came to get me…

Soundmind; mami, are you okay?”

Me; how can I be okay when I am not ovulating? Today is the 3rd day and this thing is still reading negative. No wonder I have not gotten pregnant. Soundmind, I am not ovulating. I am not a woman”…
I let out the tears that has built in my eyes.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. In that moment, I had pictured my life without a child. Where and how do I start treating ovulating problem? I know of herbs that can make a woman ovulate well, but not for someone that doesn’t ovulate at all. My mind had gone far in the valley of negative thoughts before Soundmind called it back…

Soundmind; oya get up from the toilet first, let’s talk about it. I want to give you a hug. You need to calm down. Don’t work your body up unnecessarily. This body needs to be fit and healthy enough to be able to carry a child for 9 months”

Me; which child? I just told you that I am not ovulating, you are talking about a child. Please, don’t patronize me”

Soundmind; I am not patronizing you, mami. I know that you are ovulating and I know that you will get pregnant. What is the blood 🩸that you shed every month if not your egg that didn’t fertilize?

How come you know these things about other women and talk them through when they come to you about fertility issues, but when it comes to yourself, you start to panic unnecessarily and play dumb? This is just the 3rd morning. There are 12 sticks in the pack for a reason.

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Track up to 7 days before crying. A woman that doesn’t ovulate will not shed blood. You know these things, but you are just looking for reasons to conclude that you can’t get pregnant”

Me; alright. I will stop crying. I get your point. So do you mean I will still ovulate?”

Soundmind; without a doubt, mami. You will not only ovulate, you will also get pregnant. You are a very positive person, the most positive person I have ever met in my life, and I mean it.

But at this time, I can’t push you to be positive, your mind is already programmed to be positive for a lot of people because of what you do for them, I can’t tell you to task yourself too much now. My positivity is enough for both of us. I won’t get tired of being there for you and talking you through everything”

Again and as usual, he was able to lift my spirit. I continued tracking. On the fourth morning, I saw negative, I panicked still, but managed to put up a smile, Soundmind was always watching me.

We left that evening to Nigeria, our flight landed very early in the morning, before we alighted from the plane, I ran into the toilet to track my ovulation.

That was when I saw it. On the fifth day. I saw the bold smiling emoji that shows it’s Positive. Which means I am ovulating. My fertile window is open for the month of March, exactly as my husband said. I was so happy as if it was a positive pregnancy result.

I went to meet my husband with so much happiness. First hurdle passed. Tracking my ovulation and seeing that positive result grew my confidence, I started feeling like I won a lottery.

My husband couldn’t hide his ‘I told you so’ smirk on his face. After that day, I tracked for 3 more days, all showed positive, while we followed my husband’s method of copulating regularly to maximize our chances of getting pregnant.

I was so optimistic, I even started feeling pregnant after a week of my ovulation. I was reading up on things to expect when you are expecting. Checking out baby items and getting ready.

I was so sure I had gotten pregnant. I guess it was psychology messing with me. Few weeks later, same March of 2020, I saw my period again. I sat down on the bathroom floor and cried painfully. My loud cry woke up my husband and he rushed to the bathroom to see me on the floor.

He tried to make me get up, but my knees were weak, I told him I was going to sit there for days until the bleeding stops…

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Soundmind; mami. You are taking this thing too far. Give yourself time. This is just the first month we actively started trying. Other women, you tell them to do what you said and wait for 3 months to get a positive result.

Why not give yourself same 3 months? I always mention other women because I have seen and heard you talk to them, one would think you would take your own advise.

I am surprised you are doing this after a month of trying, give us till June, at least. Please, mami. Seeing you like this tears me apart. This is not how I want this baby to come. Clean yourself up and let’s try again. I have no doubt that you will get pregnant”

Me; what if we try from now till June and I still don’t get pregnant? We’ve been together for long, I didn’t get pregnant, not even a miscarriage. At least, let me have a miscarriage like other women, so that I will know I am fertile, I can get pregnant. I want to be a mother, Soundmind. I deserve to be a mother”

Soundmind; first of all, I don’t believe in what ifs. I have taught you not to use such words, please. Secondly, being for long doesn’t matter, you were the only one that wanted to get pregnant then, I didn’t want it, but now I want it. To me, we just started trying this month.

Finally, stop talking about miscarriage. It’s actually worse than trying to get pregnant. Stop calling for it, your mouth is too strong and you know it. If we try from now till June and nothing happens, I will figure something else out. All I know is that you will definitely get pregnant this year. I know your body too well to know that you don’t have any problem. I just need you to trust me”

As always, the talk helped me. I cleaned up myself and went about my daily routine with renewed hope and positivity. I finished my period for March and started tracking my ovulation again in the early month of April. I told myself I wasn’t going to think about it too much.

Soundmind said to try till June, so let me keep all my worries till that June. I always believe in positive affirmations, but I don’t know why I had so much doubts about my conception.

It was my husband’s strong will and words that carried me through. He believed I was going to get pregnant and his belief was enough for both of us. Really strong enough…

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To be continued…


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