Internet Sensation; Angela Nwosu Reveals How She Lost Her First Pregnancy

Internet Sensation; Angela Nwosu Reveals How She Lost Her First Pregnancy
Angela Nwosu aka Angienation

Internet sensation, Angela Nwosu has finally revealed how she lost her first pregnancy in 2020, a secret that many of her fans didn’t know.

The story Angela (who is now nursing her first child; Aria), tagged “My 2020 Miscarriage Story,” though not totally shared as she promised to continue the story anytime soon left many of her fans and followers in aw!!!

Enjoy the unedited account of Part 1 of her story

My 2020 miscarriage story!

This is a true story that I have always wanted to share, but I needed to have my own child first, before sharing it.

Thank God I am now a mother ? I am happy to share this experience without holding anything back. It taught me a lot. I learnt more beautiful sides to my husband and his family.
When I got married in September 2019, my husband wasn’t too keen on having a child immediately.

He told me he wants to enjoy his marriage for at least a year, before talking about getting pregnant and having a child, that he wasn’t ready. I accepted his decision for a few months, until we got into January, 2020.

I began to worry, I wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. People were already telling me congratulations every time I over ate and post pictures with big stomach, it was making me uncomfortable, because I knew I wasn’t pregnant.
Womb watchers are the most creepiest set of people I ever met on social media.

They will make your life so uncomfortable and stress you out to the extent you start to question your life decisions, if you are not strong willed.

They don’t know what it means to give a newly married woman a breathing space, they don’t think or have conscience.

In their twisted minds, they tell you it’s because they care, that’s why they creepily pause their own lives and solely focus on your womb, immediately you get married. One of the disadvantages of being a Nigerian.

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I found a way to deal with the womb watchers by being very vocal about it, they still made me uncomfortable, but there wasn’t pressure at all, I didn’t allow them to get me to that extent.

My reason for not wanting to wait a whole year after marriage to get pregnant, was the eagerness to know first hand, how it feels to be pregnant.

To experience all the cravings and everything that comes with it, leading to child birth, having my own baby and moving into the next phase of my life.

All these, my husband saw as being in a hurry, dude wasn’t even bothered at all. Any time I talked about getting pregnant, he would laugh it off and tell me to cool off, that he wants it to be the two of us for a while.

Amidst all these, we were always making love without protection, no time did he ever consider protection, as someone that wasn’t ready for me to get pregnant.

I was ovulating very well, I had absolutely no fertility issue, so why didn’t I get pregnant? Sometimes, I would purposely do it during my ovulation and wait for positive result the next month, but nothing, period will still come out. When I saw my period in February of 2020, I was sad.

I decided to have another conversation about it with my husband, I concluded something was wrong with me…
Me; Soundmind, my period started again. I am so sad”

Soundmind; I know, I expected it. Why do you always sound like it’s a problem whenever you see your period? You shouldn’t be sad. I have told you this countless times, you will get pregnant when we are ready. Our marriage is barely 6 months, you are beating yourself up about not getting pregnant”

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Me; I think there’s something wrong with me. Before we got married, we lived together for more than a year, without protection, I never got pregnant. Add 6 months of marriage to it, that’s 2 whole years of living together, no pregnancy, something is definitely wrong with me”

Soundmind; haha ? there’s nothing wrong with you, mami, I assure you. This pregnancy hasn’t come because we are not ready. I am not ready. How you expect to miss your period every month is how I hope for you to see your period. I strongly believe you are okay, you have no fertility issue, trust me”

Me; then if something is not wrong with me, there must be something wrong with you. I don’t understand why an only son like you would not want to have a child as soon as possible. Your mind is fighting it, that’s why it’s not happening. Some people have very powerful minds and you are one of such people. I help people to get pregnant, I tell them what to do to get pregnant within 3 months. I do same thing for myself, yet, I can’t get pregnant because your mind is seriously fighting it”

Soundmind; I told you sometime ago that I am not that type of only son. If I am not ready for something, I am not ready for it. Right now, all I want is to enjoy and be with my wife for a while, before a baby comes. Do you know that a baby comes with a huge change? Things will never be the same. Sometimes, it gets better, other times, it gets worse. A baby makes or breaks a couple, there’s possibility of drifting apart”

Me; I understand your point, but no matter your fears, we will have a child eventually, the earlier you accept it and fight your fears, the better for us. All I know is that a baby will make us more better, not tear us apart. What we have is too precious for a baby to come and spoil it, the baby will tighten the bond and make us appreciate each other more. Just help me, please”

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Soundmind; Alright, mami. I see how much you really need this. It’s starting to wear you down and I don’t like it. Let’s get pregnant. Anything for you. I just don’t want you to divert all your love and attention to the baby. It happens in most marriages. The woman tends to focus more on her baby than her husband. I want balance, if we agree to find it, then let’s do it, so that your happiness will be complete.”

Me; yes, please. We will find balance, I promise. I am not like those other women. I love and depend on you so much for such to happen. Our marriage is different, you say it all the time.”

Soundmind; No problem. I will buy you an ovulation tracker tomorrow, so you start tracking your ovulation for accuracy. You’ve not been doing it well. I will tell you the exact day you will start tracking after your period, to be able to get your most fertile days”

Me; haaa, Soundmind. How do you know I have not been calculating it well?”

Soundmind, mami, it took me just 3 months to fully study your body. I know when your next period will start after this, I know when you will ovulate. I have followed it for almost 2 years now and I have never been wrong. It doesn’t fluctuate or switch dates, your body is scientific. Let me handle it, you will get pregnant soon”

Me; Ngwanu. This has lifted my spirit this night, I swear. See how my sadness disappeared”

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To be continued!


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