For five years, Mr. and Mrs. John and Nneka Ugwoeri, trusted God for the fruit of the womb. When it was time for Him to answer them, He blessed them with a set of quadruplets, (four boys). BUKUNOLA ADEYEMI reports their experience.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ugwoeri got married in 2013 and Mrs. Ugwoeri conceived immediately in the first month of the wedding, but the joy did not last long as she had a miscarriage.

Afterwards, series of challenges started; one of which was fibroid. A scan result revealed fibroids all over Mrs. Ugwoeri womb. Test revealed that the fibroids were fixed and never increased in size nor did it shrink, but rather multiplied.

She underwent a surgery in 2018 and the doctor removed 14 fibroids from her womb. After the operation, the doctor told her: “You will never be able to have children.” But God had another plan for her.

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Exactly six months after the surgery, her womb was completely healed and she got pregnant. But it was a mixed feeling when she got the pregnancy result; as she almost collapsed from the tension and stress.

She said: “My first reaction after I received the news was just tears. I lost control of my emotions at that point. I cannot describe exactly what I felt but it felt more like victory; winning a battle. I shed tears of joy, as if a fight is over. I also felt remorse for those that are still in this fight, maybe due to what I experienced in the five years of waiting.”

She was told to wait for some weeks before going for a scan. She said: “prior to the scan, I prayed to God for a set of twins; a boy and a girl, so I could rest from all my turmoil and struggle. But lo and behold, the scan result showed four babies! I was full of joy. I broke down in tears the second time because I was expecting a child and at most, a set of twins but four was beyond my imagination and financial capability.”

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Since her husband had travelled for a work she called him over the phone and told him the scan result. She said: “My husband never wanted many children because he came from a large family of 10. Due to hardship and a rough childhood, he wanted only three children; two boys and a girl. When he heard the news, he shouted “Chai, my wife has killed me.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I imagined the expression on His face.”

It took some weeks before the couple knew the sex of the babies, but it was an awesome experience as they moved from one surprise to another. “I ate a lot during the first trimester of the pregnancy; I was always hungry, tired and feeling faint. After that phase, there was the fear of miscarriage. I was told not to climb stairs, carry heavy objects etc.’’ she said.

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Mrs. Ugwoeri disclosed that the pregnancy period was without complications, bleeding or pain, except when she became too heavy and she began to limp. The doctor however placed her on bed rest for two months before delivery because she was too heavy.

She described the whole experience of being delivered of a set of quadruplets (four boys) on, April 23rd, , as a dream. The names of the boys are: Nelson Chidalu; Nobel Chimaobi; Kenneth Iwuchukwu and Kennedy Izunna

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