Flush PDP out of office in 2023-APC revalidation chair charges Abia faithful as Sen Nwaogu revalidates memebrship


The chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National membership registration and revalidation committee for Abia State, Ambassador Bala M. Mairiga has charged Abians and members of the party in the state to ensure that they flush out the incumbent Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led government in the state come 2023.

Mairiga who was speaking at the Umuochela Mbutuoma autonomous community in Osisioma Ngwa local government area; the country home of the Pro-chancellor, University of Calabar, Sen. Nkechi J. Nwaogu as she revalidates her membership of the APC lamented absence of governance in the state under the PDP watch.

Mairiga who described the PDP government in the state as “government by accident” stated that time has come for Abians to rise to the occasion of sending away a government he accused of not having the interest of the masses at heart.

“I cannot see any reason PDP should be in government in Abia State beyond 2023 because you have all the big men, the youths and the masses in Abia supporting APC.

“PDP is just there by accident and I think that the time has come we get to the end of the reign of terror. The reign of unconcerned people who do not care about the people.

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“There is no good road, no better medical care, no water, and no electricity. The scenario can only be changed by you and this is the time to mobilize your people to flush PDP and its government out of government.”

The APC committee chairman who described Sen. Nwaogu as a woman of substance said “we want one thing in the southeast, but we want more in Abia. We want you (both men and women) to use your positions to mobilize people to register, adding that it will determine how the incumbent PDP led government would be flushed out come 2023.

Speaking after revalidating her membership, Sen. Nwaogu urged members of the party in her ward and the state to take advantage of the revalidation window to revalidate their membership and urged those who want to join the party to also do so before March 31.

According to the Pro-chancellor University of Calabar, “I want to say that what we have come today isn’t fanfare. This is a serious business. In 2019, we lost out. We lost out not because we were not good. We lost out because you allowed yourselves to be cheated.

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“We lost out because you allowed yourselves to be rigged. We lost out because you allowed bad governance to remain in government and we lost out in all the goodies that should come to us, never again in 2023.

“If you are not a member of the APC, I am not with you and you are not with me. Don’t look for me and I won’t look for you. What I am asking is for you to join me. I have seen something good in APC.

“They (PDP) have been cheating us for so long. They (PDP) will tell you not to join APC, that it is the party for the North, but will go through the back to possess the things that we should be benefiting from.

“I want you all to join me in APC because APC is the answer. I used to belong to that party (PDP). Once I was blind, but now, I can see. When salt ceases to be salt, it loses its value.

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“After the election of 2019, I became so annoyed. I didn’t want to see anybody, but I later rescinded my initial decision. Why I opened my doors again for politics is to ensure that what should come to you will not elude you. Join me, I will not mislead you.

I hope that there won’t be a repetition of what happened in 2019. Join me, so that we can put our hands together because no one alone can do it. We cannot be building center table for five years. We can do a lot to improve the lot of this state, but only as a collective.

Earlier, the State Chairman, Hon. Donatus Nwankpa while lamenting the deceit suffered by the party in 2019 said there is no room for a little to the left and a little to the right. It is either you are in APC or you remain where you are.

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“APC has come to take over the leadership of Abia State and there is no compromise about it.”


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