Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia

...Hands Over Shrine For Destruction 

Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia
Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia

There was great Joy and excitement today, Monday 1st April 2024 in Ohanku ancient kingdom as five native doctors gave their lives to God and totally surrendered their shrines for destruction.


The event took place in Ohanku community during a monthly fasting and prayers organized by His Royal Majesty, King Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere who is the King of Ikwuorie Autonomous community.

Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia
Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia
Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia
Five Native Doctors Surrender Their Lives To Christ In Abia

His Majesty on acceptance of staff of office declared 1st day of every month as fasting and prayers in Ohanku community.


He also announced a global crusade in April for the total cleansing and liberation of the community.


Recall that Ikwuorie Autonomous community in Ohanku Ndoki have been without a king for the past 10 years.


The community needed someone who will stand on the gap for them. They needed someone who will advance peace, progress and development in the community.


They finally choose Apostle Chinyere as their choice which was rejected by the Man of God.


After contact pleading, on 3rd January 2024, Apostle Chinyere accepted to serve his people in that capacity as their King.


Since his acceptance to the throne, even before he received his staff of office from the Governor of Abia State, Dr Alex Otti, His Royal Majesty King Apostle Chinyere has taken a bold step to restore peace in the entire community.

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For instance His Royal Majesty King Apostle Chinyere felt concerned about the rate at which Many families are dying and many houses closed down with weeds which was traceable to SHRINE SUMMONING.


He called all the families involved for Peace Accord. Within three days he embarked upon this peace settlement, His Royal Majesty King Apostle Chinyere reconciled not fewer than 50 families with age long shrine summoning cases.


Today there is not shrine cases in Ohanku community.


Ohanku community comprises three autonomous communities, Ikwuorie, Ujuru and Okotoko but His Majesty Apostle Chinyere being the King of Ikwuorie Autonomous community always carries other Autonomous communities along in the scheme of things.


His Majesty, King Apostle Chinyere has also recorded another success in his reign as the King of the community.


With the surrender of five native doctors, there is no more shrine or juju priests in the entire community.


His Royal Majesty Apostle Dr Chibuzor Gift Chinyere has declared that the only altar that should exist in Ohanku community is the altar of God.


This is a great achievement from a man God has sent to liberate his people. Truly the people are rejoicing because the righteous is on the throne.

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Prior to His acceptance to be the king of Ikwuorie Autonomous community and subsequent reception of his staff of office, the Man of God has built state of the art free school in Ohanku community, offered international undergraduate university scholarships to not fewer than 50 families in his community who are currently studying in Cyprus, United States of America, Benin Republic, Poland and Turkey.


He built a well equipped Free hospital and offered scholarships from JSS 1 to SS3 in the only government secondary school owned by the government and abandoned by the past administration not the current hard working Governor of Abia State due to its dilapidated state.


The Man of God renovated the school and restored the Waec center and also employed more than 8 teachers to support the government teacher that was posted after the facelift.


After receiving staff of office as His Royal Majesty, Ihie 1 of Ikwuorie Autonomous community, he has vowed to industrialize the community.


To this end, he has brought in investors who are already on ground for inspection to build a tyre production plant in Ohanku community.


He has also bought Palm and cassava processing and equipment to be installed as soon as the construction is completed.

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The Man of God has also resolved to provide steady power supply to the community. Recently he met with the management of Geometric power plant in Aba which is nearing completion.


His Majesty has Also paid for prepaid meters to meter all the houses in Ohanku community.


His Royal Majesty King Apostle Chinyere just returned from a trip From Netherlands and Taiwan where he had a successful meeting with investors to come and invest in his community


The man of God soul winning drive is second to none. For the past many armed Robbers, kidnappers, cultists and prostitutes have given their lives to God through his soul winning drive while they surrendered their arms and ammunition which the man of God handed over to the Nigerian police.


The Man of God did not stop there, he took them to the rehabilitation center and sent them to learn various vocational skills.


Recall that Apostle Chinyere has built 34 free schools, free school for autism and Down Syndrome, two free specialists hospitals, 18 Free estates, Ultra modern free skills acquisition center, free restaurant and not fewer than 10,000 international international scholarships to less privileged Nigerians.


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All these are funded through the offerings and tithes from the OPM church.


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